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Consider the reactor shown in the figure. The flow rate through the reactor is $Q \: m^3/h$. The concentrations (in $mg/L$) of a compound in the influent and effluent are $C_0$ and $C$, respectively. The compound is degraded in the reactor following the first order reaction. The mixing condition of the reactor can be varied such that the reactor becomes either a completely mixed flow reactor (CMFR) or a plug-flow reactor (PFR). The length of the reactor can be adjusted in these two mixing conditions to $L_{\text{CMFR}}$ and $L_{\text{PFR}}$ while keeping the cross-section of the reactor constant. Assuming steady state and for $C/C_0 =0.8$, the value of $L_{\text{CMFR}}/L_{\text{PFR}}$ (round off to $2$ decimal places) is ____________

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