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Two water reservoirs are connected by a siphon (running full) of total length $5000$ m and diameter of $1.10$ m, as shown below (figure not drawn to scale).

The inlet leg length of the siphon to its summit is $2000$ m. The difference in the water surface levels of the two reservoirs is $5$ m. Assume the permissible minimum absolute pressure at the summit of siphon to be $2.5$ m of water when running full. Given: friction factor $f=0.02$ throughout, atmospheric pressure $=10.3$ m of water, and acceleration due to gravity $g=9.81 \: m/s^2$. Considering only major loss using Darcy-Weisbach equation, the maximum height of the summit of siphon from the water level of upper reservoir, $h$ (in m, round off to $1$ decimal place) is ______

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