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The total stress paths corresponding to different loading conditions, for a soil specimen under the isotropically consolidated stress state (O), are shown below 


$\begin{array}{c|lc} \textbf{Stress Path}  &\textbf{Loading Condition}\\\hline\\ \text{OP} & \text{I - Compression loading}(\sigma_1-\textit{increasing};\sigma_3-constant) \\ \text{OQ} & \text{II - Compression unloading}(\sigma_1- \textit{constant};\sigma_3- \textit{decreasing}) \\ \text{OR} & \text{III - Extension unloading}(\sigma_1- \textit{decreasing};\sigma_3- \textit{constant}) \\ \text{OS} & \text{IV - Extension loading}(\sigma_1- \textit{constant};\sigma_3- \textit{increasing})  \end{array}$

The correct match between the stress paths and the listed loading conditions, is 

  1. $OP-I, OQ-II, OR-IV, OS-III$
  2. $OP-IV, OQ-III, OR-I, OS-II$
  3. $OP-III, OQ-II, OR-I, OS-IV$
  4. $OP-I, OQ-III, OR-II, OS-IV$
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