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A sewage treatment plant receives sewage at a flow rate of $5000 \; \text{m}^{3}\text{/day}.$ The total suspended solids $\text{(TSS)}$ concentration in the sewage at the inlet of primary clarifier is $200 \; \text{mg/L}$. After the primary treatment, the $\text{TSS}$ concentration in sewage is reduced by $60\%.$ The sludge from the primary clarifier contains $2\%$ solids concentration. Subsequently, the sludge is subjected to gravity thickening process to achieve a solids concentration of $6\%.$ Assume that the density of sludge, before and after thickening, is $1000 \; \text{kg/m}^{3}.$ 

The daily volume of the thickened sludge (in $\text{m}^{3}\text{/day}$) will be ___________.(round off to the nearest integer) 

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