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The drag force, $F_D$, on a sphere kept in a uniform flow field, depends on the diameter of the sphere $D$; flow velocity, $V$, fluid density, $\rho$; and dynamic viscosity, $\mu$. Which of the following options represents the non-dimensional parameters which could be used to analyze this problem?

  1. $\dfrac{F_D}{VD}$ and $\dfrac{\mu}{_{\rho}VD} \\$
  2. $\dfrac{F_D}{_{\rho}VD^2}$ and $\dfrac{_{\rho}VD}{\mu} \\$
  3. $\dfrac{F_D}{_{\rho}V^2D^2}$ and $\dfrac{_{\rho}VD}{\mu} \\$
  4. $\dfrac{F_D}{_{\rho}V^3D^3}$ and $\dfrac{\mu}{_{\rho}VD}$
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