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Most experts feel that in spite of possessing all the technical skills required to be a batsman of the highest order he is unlikely to be so due to lack of requisite temperament. He was guilty of throwing away his wicket several times after working hard to lay a strong foundation. His critics pointed out that until he addressed this problem, success at the highest level will continue to elude him.

Which of the statement(s) below is/are logically valid and can be inferred from the above passage?

  1. He was already a successful batsman at the highest level.
  2. He has to improve his temperament in order to become a great batsman.
  3. He failed to make many of his good starts count.
  4. Improving his technical skills will guarantee success.


  1.  (iii) and (iv)
  2. (ii) and (iii)
  3. (i),(ii) and (iii)
  4. (ii) only
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