Bhagirathi May 31, 2015
No the interface is absurd  in mobile and no option show up to add images, very slow browsing  even on Vodafone 2g the worst android app doesn't work in this connection. But it works fine from my college WiFi which is a high speed network
Arjun May 30, 2015
by Arjun
Not mobile friendly? You mean for editing questions or overall?
Bhagirathi May 30, 2015
Sir this website is not mobile friendly and  the gateoverflow android app doesn't work in Vodafone 2g network

I hope you will considerthe above points
Arjun May 15, 2015
by Arjun
oh, you can use this link then. It's just a beta app.
sumit kumar May 15, 2015
Please provide apk file as i am not able to download it from store.
Jarvis May 14, 2015
anonymous May 8, 2015
by anonymous
anonymous May 8, 2015
by anonymous
anonymous Apr 23, 2015
by anonymous
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