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After the inauguration of the new building, the Head of the Department (HoD) collated faculty preferences for office space. $P$ wanted a room adjacent to the lab. $Q$ wanted to be close to the lift. $R$ wanted a view of the playground and $S$ wanted a corner office.

Assuming that everyone was satisfied, which among the following shows a possible allocation?

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Lets number the given requirements

  1. $P$ wanted a room adjacent to the lab. 
  2. $Q$ wanted to be close to the lift. 
  3. $R$ wanted a view of the playground and 
  4. $S$ wanted a corner office.
  • Option A
    Requirement numbered $2$ is not satisfied.
  • Option B
    Requirements numbered $1,2$ are not satisfied.
  • Option C
    All requirements are satisfied.
  • Option D
    Requirement numbered $4$ is not satisfied. 

Correct option: C

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