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An unsupported slope of height $\text{15 m}$ is shown in the figure (not to scale), in which the slope face makes an angle $50^{\circ}$ with the horizontal. The slope material comprises purely cohesive soil having undrained cohesion $\text{75 kPa}$. A trial slip circle $\text{KLM}$, with a radius $\text{25 m}$, passes through the crest and toe of the slope and it subtends an  angle $60^{\circ}$ at its center $\text{O}$. The weight of the active soil mass ($\text{W}$, bounded by $\text{KLMN}$) is $\text{2500 kN/m}$, which is acting at a horizontal distance of $\text{10 m}$ from the toe of the slope. Consider the water table to be present at a very large depth from the ground surface.

Considering the trail slip circle $\text{KLM}$, the factor of the safety against the failure of slope under undrained condition ($\textit{round off to two decimal places}$) is _____________

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