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A rigid smooth retaining wall of height $7$ m with vertical backface retains saturated clay ass backfill. The saturated unit weight and undrained cohesion of the backfill are $17.2 \: kN/m^3$ and $20 \: kPa$, respectively. The difference in the active lateral forces on the wall ( in $kN$ per meter length of wall, up to two decimal places), before and after the occurrence of tension crack is _____
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Sir there is ambiguity in the answer , people have answered the question with both positive and negative signs , and the difference is asked. the range of absolute value should be from 46.3-46.9 .
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I even typed negative

Can we challenge the answer

I had typed -46.5 instead of 46.5

If they mentioned after tension crack and before then it would have been positive
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