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Three rigid buckets, shown as in the figures $(1)$, $(2)$, and $(3)$, are of identical heights and base areas. Further, assume that each of these buckets have negligible mass and are full of water. The weights of water in these buckets are denoted as $W_1$, $W_2$ and $W_3$ respectively. Also, let the force of water on the base of the bucket to be denoted as $F_1$, $F_2$, and $F_3$ respectively. The option giving an accurate description of the system physics is

  1. $W_2=W_1=W_3$ and $F_2 > F_1 >F_3$
  2. $W_2>W_1>W_3$ and $F_2 > F_1 >F_3$
  3. $W_2=W_1=W_3$ and $F_1 = F_2 = F_3$
  4. $W_2>W_1>W_3$ and $F_1 = F_2 = F_3$
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