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$\text{Statement:}$ Either $\text{P}$ marries $\text{Q}$ or $\text{X}$ marries $\text{Y}$

Among the options below, the logical $\text{NEGATION}$ of the above statement is :

  1. $\text{P}$ does not marry $\text{Q}$ and $\text{X}$ marries $\text{Y}$
  2. Neither $\text{P}$ marries $\text{Q}$ nor $\text{X}$ marries $\text{Y}$
  3. $\text{X}$ does not marry $\text{Y}$ and $\text{P}$ marries $\text{Q}$
  4. $\text{P}$ marries $\text{Q}$ and $\text{X}$ marries $\text{Y}$
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The given statement is: Either $\text{P}$ marries $\text{Q}$ or $\text{X}$ marries $\text{Y}.$

The  logical NEGATION of the above statement is : Neither $\text{P}$ marries $\text{Q}$ nor $\text{X}$ marries $\text{Y}.$

We can also write the above statement as $P$ does not marry $Q$ and $X$ does not marries $Y.$

So, the correct answer is $(B).$
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