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An RCC short column (with lateral ties) of rectangular cross section of $250 \: mm \times 300 \: mm$ is reinforced with four numbers of $16$ mm diameter longitudinal bars. The grades of steel and concrete are $\text{Fe}415$ and $M20$, respectively. Neglect eccentricity effect. Considering limit state of collapse in compression ($\text{IS }456:2000$), the axial load carrying capacity of the column (in kN, up to one decimal place), is ______
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If we use .446fck then answer would be 912 KN (This one is more precise) whereas Ace Academy and others have used .45fck in their solution to calculate to answer which makes it 918 KN
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But the official key has given a different answer? Will anyone challange it?
I will definitely challenge this question.

They have given answer considering eccentricity effect. But in question it is clearly mentioned to neglect it.

Hope it works out.
Exactly. It was mentioned not to consider the eccentricity.
Yaar mujhe lga main hi hoon jisne 912 ans nikala hai

Thanks man .

Challenge to kiye ho na 912 ans k saath
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Sir verify the range from 917-919 .
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Please update the answer key since gate uploaded the revised answer key.
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