GATE Civil Engineering

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  • Others - 94 questions - Not yet Classified
  • Engineering Mathematics - 151 questions
    • Linear Algebra - 29 questions - Matrix algebra; Systems of linear equations; Eigen values and Eigen vectors.
    • Calculus - 48 questions - Functions of single variable; Limit, continuity and differentiability; Mean value theorems, local maxima and minima; Taylor series; Evaluation of definite and indefinite integrals, application of definite integral to obtain area and volume; Partial derivatives; Total derivative; Gradient, Divergence and Curl, Vector identities; Directional derivatives; Line, Surface and Volume integrals.
    • Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) - 18 questions - First order (linear and non-linear) equations; higher order linear equations with constant coefficients; Euler-Cauchy equations; Laplace transform and its application in solving linear ODEs; initial and boundary value problems.
    • Partial Differential Equation (PDE) - 12 questions - Fourier series; separation of variables; solutions of one- dimensional diffusion equation; first and second order one-dimensional wave equation and two-dimensional Laplace equation.
    • Probability and Statistics - 25 questions - Sampling theorems; Conditional probability; Descriptive statistics - Mean, median, mode and standard deviation; Random Variables – Discrete and Continuous, Poisson and Normal Distribution; Linear regression.
    • Numerical Methods - 19 questions - Error analysis. Numerical solutions of linear and non-linear algebraic equations; Newton’s and Lagrange polynomials; numerical differentiation; Integration by trapezoidal and Simpson’s rule; Single and multi-step methods for first order differential equations.
  • Structural Engineering - 244 questions
  • Geotechnical Engineering - 163 questions
  • Water Resources Engineering - 141 questions
  • Environmental Engineering - 66 questions
  • Transportation Engineering - 95 questions
  • Geomatics Engineering - 38 questions - Principles of surveying; Errors and their adjustment; Maps - scale, coordinate system; Distance and angle measurement - Levelling and trigonometric levelling; Traversing and triangulation survey; Total station; Horizontal and vertical curves. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - Scale, flying height; Basics of remote sensing and GIS.
  • General Aptitude - 180 questions
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