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  • General Aptitude - 201 questions
  • Engineering Mathematics - 153 questions
  • Structural Engineering - 267 questions
  • Geotechnical Engineering - 159 questions
  • Water Resources Engineering - 166 questions
  • Environmental Engineering - 93 questions
    • Water and Waste Water Quality and Treatment - 59 questions - Basics of water quality standards – Physical, chemical and biological parameters; Water quality index; Unit processes and operations; Water requirement; Water distribution system; Drinking water treatment. Sewerage system design, quantity of domestic wastewater, primary and secondary treatment. Effluent discharge standards; Sludge disposal; Reuse of treated sewage for different applications.
    • Air Pollution - 17 questions - Types of pollutants, their sources and impacts, air pollution control, air quality standards, Air quality Index and limits.
    • Municipal Solid Wastes - 11 questions - Characteristics, generation, collection and transportation of solid wastes, engineered systems for solid waste management (reuse/ recycle, energy recovery, treatment and disposal).
    • Noise Pollution - 4 questions - Impacts of noise, permissible limits of noise pollution, measurement of noise and control of noise pollution.
  • Transportation Engineering - 103 questions
  • Geomatics Engineering - 51 questions - Principles of surveying; Errors and their adjustment; Maps - scale, coordinate system; Distance and angle measurement - Levelling and trigonometric levelling; Traversing and triangulation survey; Total station; Horizontal and vertical curves. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - Scale, flying height; Basics of remote sensing and GIS.
  • Others - 111 questions - Not yet Classified
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