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The value of abscissa $(x)$ and ordinate $(y)$ of a curve are as follows:

&x & y\\ \hline & \text{$2.0$} & \text{$5.00$} \\ \hline & \text{$2.5$} & \text{$7.25$}\\ \hline  & \text{$3.0$} & \text{$10.00$} \\ \hline & \text{$3.5$} & \text{$13.25$}  \\ \hline & \text{$4.0$} & \text{$17.00$}  \\ \hline \end{array}$$

By Simpson’s $1/3^\text{rd}$ rule, the area under the curve $\textit{(round off to two decimal places)}$ is __________________
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