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  1. Arun and Aparna are here.
  2. Arun and Aparna is here.
  3. Arun’s families is here.
  4. Arun’s family is here.

Which of the above sentences are grammatically $\text{CORRECT}$?

  1. $\text{(i) and (ii)}$
  2. $\text{(i) and (iv)}$
  3. $\text{(ii) and (iv)}$
  4. $\text{(iii) and (iv)}$
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As opposed to “as well as” which considers only the first subject, “and” considers both the subjects before and after it ans so the verb usage must be “plural”. So, (i) is correct and (ii) is wrong.

Arun’s “family” is correct as one can have only one family. So, (iv) is correct.

Correct option: B
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