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A rectangular footing of size $\text{2.8 m}$ $\times$ $\text{3.5 m}$ is embedded in a clay layer and a vertical load is placed with an eccentricity of $\text{0.8 m}$ as shown in the figure (not to scale). Take Bearing capacity factors: $N_{c}=5.14,\:N_{q}=1.0,$ and $N_{\gamma}=0.0;$ Shape factors: $s_{c}=1.16,\:s_{q}=1.0$ and $s_{\gamma}=1.0;$ Depth factors: $d_{c}=1.1,\:d_{q}=1.0$ and $d_{\gamma}=1.0;$ and Inclination factors: $i_{c}=1.0$ and $i_q=1.0$ and $i_{\gamma}=1.0$.

Using Meyerhoff's method, the load (in $\text{kN}$, round off to two decimal places) that can be applied on the footing with a factor of safety of $2.5$ is ________________________

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