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Determine the correctness or otherwise of the following Assertion $\text{[a]}$ and the Reason $\text{[r]}$.

  • $\text{Assertion [a]}$: One of the best ways to reduce the amount of solid wastes is to reduce the consumption of raw materials.
  • $\text{Reason [r]}$: Solid wastes are seldom generated when raw materials are converted to goods for consumption.
  1. Both $\text{[a]}$ and $\text{[r]}$ are true and $\text{[r]}$ the correct reason for $\text{[a]}$
  2. Both $\text{[a]}$ and $\text{[r]}$ are true but $\text{[r]}$ is not the correct reason for $\text{[a]}$
  3. Both $\text{[a]}$ and $\text{[r]}$ are false
  4. $\text{[a]}$ is true but $\text{[r]}$ is false
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