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A soil sample is underlying a water column of height $h_{1},$ as shown in the figure. The vertical effective stresses at points $\text{A, B,}$ and $\text{C}$ are $\sigma’_{A}, \sigma’_{B},$ and $\sigma’_{C},$ respectively. Let $\gamma_{\text{sat}}$ and $\gamma’$ be the saturated and submerged unit weights of the soil sample, respectively, and $\gamma_{\text{w}}$ be the unit weight of water. Which one of the following expressions correctly represents the sum $( \sigma’_{A} + \sigma’_{B} + \sigma’_{C})?$

  1. $(2h_{2} + h_{3})\gamma’$
  2. $(h_{1} + h_{2} + h_{3})\gamma’$
  3. $(h_{2} + h_{3}) (\gamma_{\text{sat}} – \gamma_{\text{w}})$
  4. $(h_{1} + h_{2} + h_{3})\gamma_{\text{sat}}$
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