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Read the following statements relating to flexure of reinforced concrete beams:

  1. In over-reinforced sections, the failure strain in concrete reaches earlier than the yield strain in steel.
  2. In under-reinforced sections, steel reaches yielding at a load lower than the load at which the concrete reaches failure strain.            
  3.  Over-reinforced beams are recommended in practice as compared to the under-reinforced beams.
  4. In balanced sections, the concrete reaches failure strain earlier than the yield strain in tensile steel.

Each of the above statements is either True or False.

Which one of the following combinations is correct?

  1. $\text{I(True), II(True), III(False), IV(False)}$
  2. $\text{I(True), II(True), III(False), IV(True)}$
  3. $\text{I(False), II(False), III(True), IV(False)}$
  4. $\text{I(False), II(True), III(True), IV(False)}$
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