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Group I enlists in-situ field tests carried out for soil exploration, while Group II provides a list of parameters for sub-soil strength characterization. Match the type of tests with the characterization parameters.

$$\begin{array}{llll} {} & \text{Group I} & {} & \text{Group II} \\ P. & \text{Pressuremeter Test(PMT)} & 1. & \text{Menard's modulus} (E_m) \\ Q. & \text{Static Cone Penetration Test (SCPT)} & 2. & \text{Number of blows}(N) \\ R. & \text{Standard Penetration Test (SPT)} & 3. & \text{Skin resistance}(f_c) \\ S. & \text{Vane Shear Test (VST)} & 4. & \text{Undrained cohesion} (c_u) \end{array}$$

  1. $P-1; Q-3; R-2; S-4$
  2. $P-1; Q-2; R-3; S-4$
  3. $P-2; Q-3; R-4; S-1$
  4. $P-4; Q-1; R-2; S-3$
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