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In the context of provisions relating to durability of concrete, consider the following assertions:

$\textbf{Assertions:(1)}: $ As per $IS \: 456-2000$, air entrainment to the extent of $3 \%$ to $6 \%$ is required for concrete exposed to marine environment.

$\textbf{Assertions:(2)}:$ The equivalent alkali content (in terms of $Na_2O$ equivalent) for a cement containing $1\%$ and $0.6\%$ of $Na_2O$ and $K_2O$, respectively, is approximately $1.4 \%$ (rounded to $1$ decimal place).

Which one of the following statements is CORRECT?

  1. Assertion (1) is FALSE and Assertion (2) is TRUE
  2. Assertion (1) is TRUE and Assertion (2) is FALSE
  3. Both Assertion (1) and Assertion (2) are FALSE
  4. Both Assertion (1) and Assertion (2) are TRUE
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