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Consider the prismatic beams with the clamped supports P, Q, and R as shown in the figures.

Given that eh modulus of elasticity, $E$ is $2.5 \times 10^4$ MPa; and the moment of inertia, $I$ is $8 \times 10^8 \: mm^4$, the correct comparison of the magnitudes of the shear force $S$ and the bending moment $M$ developed at the support is

  1. $S_P < S_Q< S_R$; $M_P = M_Q=M_R$
  2. $S_P = S_Q> S_R$; $M_P = M_Q>M_R$
  3. $S_P < S_Q> S_R$; $M_P = M_Q=M_R$
  4. $S_P < S_Q< S_R$; $M_P < M_Q < M_R$
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