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A horizontal angle $\theta$ is measured by four different surveyors multiple times and the values reported are given below.

&\text{Surveyor} & \text{Angle $\theta$} & \text{Number of observations}\\ \hline &\text{1} & \text{$36^{\circ}{30}’$} & \text{4}  \\ \hline &\text{2} & \text{$36^{\circ}{00}’$} & \text{3}\\ \hline
&\text{3} & \text{$35^{\circ}{30}’$} & \text{8} \\ \hline
&\text{4} & \text{$36^{\circ}{30}’$} & \text{4} \\ \hline \end{array}$$

The most probable value of the angle $\theta$ ( in degree, $\textit{round off to two decimal places}$is _________________
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