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The following details refer to a closed traverse:

Line Consecutive coordinate
Northing (m) Southing (m) Easting (m) Westing (m)
PQ --- $437$ $173$ ---
QR $101$ ---- $558$ ----
RS $419$ --- --- $96$
SP ---- $83$ ---- $634$

The length and direction (whole circle bearing) of closure, respectively are

  1. $1$ m and $90^{\circ}$
  2. $2$ m and $90^{\circ}$
  3. $1$ m and $270^{\circ}$
  4. $2$ m and $270^{\circ}$
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Answer is A . verified from IES Masters and Made Easy. Unable to post the link here.
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Why not ans of these question is option C? Tan-1(-1/0)=270degree I got and Same ans ACE has published.

I have 1 doubt in 6 questions I'm loosing marks for 0.3-06 error like I got 2.3 they got 2.6 ,I got 417.3 they got 417.35 what is this yaar  I'm losing my 12marks in NAT type questions.

And 4 questions I had marked for review still I lost marks on that particular question also.

Is there any solution regarding this plz help
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for the answer regarding that traverse problem you can check it by calculating like this,

total error in departure=difference of (summation of easting-summation of westing), similarly error in latitude=(summation of northing)-(summation of southing),

the answer comes as error latitude as=(101+419)-(437+83)=0,

and error in departure=(173+558)-(96+634)=+1,

hence the +1 error indicates the error towards +ve x axis, and the angle is taken from vertical axis(y-axis) therefore the answer is A. (conventionally +x axis and +y axis are considered first quadrant)

and for all those question that you have doubt regarding range(NAT) kindly post your doubt on the discussion link provided(with the question itself) and there you can ask to increase or modify the range according to your slight difference problems alongwith proof that how you got that, if the error will be justified the correction will be done accordingly.

Rather you can post the actual range provided in the gate answer key there.(just arrived)
My ans is also correct .

Option A or C are correct according to official answer key
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According to the official answer key, the correct answer is A or C, please correct it!
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In this question of traversing it is asked to calculate closing lines direction and mag. Not closing error if error is in 90 degree direction then corrected line should be in opposite direction so ans should be 270
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