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$\text{Group-I}$ gives a list of test methods for evaluating properties of aggregates. $\text{Group-II}$ gives the list of properties to be evaluated.

$$\begin{array}{ll}\underline{\textbf{Group-I: Test methods}}  & \underline{\textbf{Group-II: Properties} } \\ \text{P. Soundness test} & \text{1. Strength} \\ \text{Q. Crushing test} & \text{2. Resistance to weathering} \\ \text{R. Los Angeles abrasion test} & \text{3. Adhesion} \\ \text{S. Stripping value test} & \text{4. Hardness} \end{array}$$

The correct match of test methods under Group-I to properties under Group-II, is

  1. $P-4; Q-1; R-2; S-3$
  2. $P-2; Q-1; R-4; S-3$
  3. $P-3; Q-4; R-1; S-2$
  4. $P-2; Q-4; R-3; S-1$
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