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Consider the deformable pin-joined truss with loading, geometry and section properties as shown in the figure.

Given that $E = 2 \times 10^{11} N/m^2, \: A=10 mm^2, L=1 m$ and $P=1 kN$. The horizontal displacement of Joint C (in mm, up to one decimal place) is _____ 

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Sir verify the range from 2.69-2.71
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Sir plz re verify this ans range.

And range should be 2.3-2.7 sir.

I got 2.3 ans for this
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official answer key says2.6-2.8. You may debate for it.
Where should I debate.

I'm loosing marks on these question as well as Rcc beam question where official ans key say and should be 810-830 and I hot 807.3.
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